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(W. H. Freeman, Scientific American Books for Young Readers, 1995, ages 9-14, 80 pp.) ISBN# 0-7167-6538-1 (hardcover) 0-7167-6539-X (paperback)
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Read an article about Catastrophe! from Investor's Business Daily Leaders & Success page, November 2, 2000.

Beginning with a Prologue that tells the true story behind Murphy's Law and the Law's true meaning -- You can succeed if you pay attention to things that may fail -- the author takes us on a tour of some of the most fascinating failures of engineered artifacts over the last century, with a focus on the past thirty years. Readers will

Despite all its attention to failure, the book is really about success, a theme that the author establishes in his dedication: "In memory of my father, Harry A. Bortz (1901-1991) who taught me not to fear failure, nor to accept it, but to learn from it in order to succeed." He learned his father's lesson well.

This book was designated a "Selector's Choice" on the National Science Teachers Association - Children's Book Council List of Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children for 1996.

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