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THE LIBRARY OF SUBATOMIC PARTICLES by Fred Bortz (Rosen Publishing Group, 2004, ages 10-up)

This set has been thoroughly revised and updated, with additional titles added on the Higgs Boson and the Large Hadron Collider.

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THE LIBRARY OF SUBATOMIC PARTICLES by Fred Bortz (Rosen Publishing Group, 2004, ages 10-up)

These books tell the history and science of the discovery of subatomic particles that make up everyday matter. Although the subject matter is related, each book spotlights a different particle. Separately, the books are useful for science reports and research. Together, they weave a remarkable and exciting story of discovery that takes readers to the limits of human knowledge of the very small and, surprisingly, the very large.

For more information on subatomic particles and the scientists who studied them, "Dr. Fred" recommends the following links:

Maren Ostergard of Bellevue Regional Library, WA, praised the Library of Subatomic Particles in School Library Journal, October, 2004:
Each of these books provides a thorough overview of its subject.... Well annotated, the graphics are a welcome supplement to the texts.... [E]specially useful for reluctant readers.... Excellent additions [to grade 7-12 library collections] for research and reports.

And Larry G. Evans wrote in Science Books and Films (vol. 41, no. 3):
...These books do a good job of describing the process of scientific discovery, the uncertainties involved, and the unlikely results that can occur. Throughout the volumes are nice stories about how experiments and the difficulty in interpreting them can lead to new theories, which then need to be tested with new experiments.... Highly Recommended

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coverThe Electron coverThe Proton coverThe Neutron

coverThe Photon coverThe Neutrino coverThe Quark

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