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REVOLUTIONARY DISCOVERIES OF SCIENTIFIC PIONEERS by Dr. Fred Bortz (Rosen Publishing Group, 2014, ages 10-up)

These books describe the lives and breakthrough discoveries of great scientists over the past 500 years, including discussions of how those discoveries affect us today. Readers discover human stories as well as scientific ones.

Whether they carry the byline of either Fred Bortz or a pseudonym, the books are Dr. Fred's updated revisions of Rosen Publishing Group's earlier series "Primary Sources of of Revolutionary Scientific Discoveries and Theories" by various authors.

School Library Journal, April 2014 notes in an article about new series designed to meet the next generation science standards: Though these tales of scientific discovery can easily be found elsewhere, here they are presented in lucid but nontechnical language, placed into historical and scientific context, and enhanced with detailed biographies of the scientists associated with them. In DNA, for instance, Rosalind Franklin is mentioned even before Francis Crick (with a rare color photo). Similarly, in Big Bang Theory, the effects of Hubble's insight are carried through to the proposed existence of "dark energy," and Bortz's account of Mendel's work concludes with the recent mapping of the human genome and a discussion of genetic engineering. Period photos or images add helpful visual notes, and the back matter includes annotated lists of scientific organizations as well as time lines and lists of print resources....

The leaders of the pack here are plainly those series intended for upper elementary grades, such as "Revolutionary Discoveries of Scientific Pioneers."...

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cover The Sun-Centered Universe and Nicolaus Copernicus cover Johannes Kepler and the Three Laws of Planetary Motion

cover Laws of Motion and Isaac Newton cover Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection

cover The Periodic Table of Elements and Dmitry Mendeleyev cover The Laws of Genetics and Gregor Mendel

cover The Big Bang Theory: Edwin Hubble and the Origins of the Universe cover The Double Helix Structure of DNA (DNA Pioneers James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, and Rosalind Franklin)

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