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MARTIAN FOSSILS ON EARTH? THE STORY OF METEORITE ALH84001 by Fred Bortz (See below for original hardcover edition, originally published by Millbrook Press, 1997, ages 8-13, 72 pp.)

Revised and Updated ebook edition from StarWalk Kids Media, 2014
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The question mark at the end of the main title of MARTIAN FOSSILS ON EARTH? is significant. When a group of researchers announced on August 7, 1996 that a meteorite they had been studying showed evidence of ancient life on Mars, scientists all around the world responded as scientists always do -- with a flurry of questions. Indeed, the great excitement that followed the announcement resulted not from what the scientists had already found but rather from the many lines of investigation that it had opened.

This book is designed to place its young readers in the midst of those investigations. It shows them scientific evidence in photographs and illustrations, describe scientific processes, and, most of all, encourage them to ask their own questions.

It is organized into a number of sections, each introduced with a question and each containing one or more striking images and 500-1000 words of clear, simple text. The section titles are the following:

What's happened since the 1997 book came out? Click here to learn about the latest developments on Earth and Mars!
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