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Seven Wonders of EXPLORATION TECHNOLOGY by Fred Bortz (Twenty-First Century Books, "Seven Wonders" series, available January 2010, ages 10-up) Full color, reinforced library binding, ISBN-13# 978-0761342410.

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The first two reviews are in, and both reviewers praise Seven Wonders of Exploration Technology!

Deb Fowler writes in The Feathered Quill:

This stunning book will astound the young, insatiable science students and keep them asking for more.... The information offered is not only historical, it offers many vignettes few may have heard of. For example, I never knew that someone's ashes were brought to the moon after their death. The informative sidebars, photographs, and charts very nicely round out the already astounding text....

Quill says: Interested in anything science? This is one book you really need to consider adding to your list!

And Susan Raizer writes for the National Space Society web site:

The book provides a concise explanation of the "wonders" while being visually pleasing, with color photographs to enhance the understanding of definitions and concepts that young readers might be unfamiliar with....

I would enthusiastically recommend this book to parents and teachers of children in the targeted 10 to 14 year age group. The book is likely to capture the interest of young readers and encourage them to choose careers that foster the development of new technologies that will further our drive to explore.

Publisher's Description:
In every age, science and technology have advanced human civilization. From architecture to engineering, medicine to transportation, humans have invented extraordinary wonders. Explorers long ago and today have used technology to navigate, travel farther, and understand more about the world around them. They invented vehicles to carry people and tools to the ocean depths, high into the atmosphere, or even to other worlds. They invented scientific instruments to explore the most distant parts of the universe and the smallest bits of matter. In this book, we'll explore seven wonders of exploration technology. Scientists have developed technology that takes us to the deepest parts of the oceans. Undersea explorations give us a glimpse of a world teeming with unique life and full of wonderful natural structures. Teams of researchers and engineers have also built orbiting space telescopes and interplanetary spacecraft to explore the farthest reaches of our solar system. Back on Earth, scientists have created computers, machines, and systems for studying climate change and the subatomic world. Learn about the people and the science behind these amazing advances in exploration technology.

Dedication: To future explorers--follow your questions!

Table of Contents (and featured "wonders" if not the chapter title)

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